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Meeple Nation was started by three friends who have been playing games together since 1998. Brent and Nathan formed a gaming group in 1996, along with Ryan’s older brother, Cory. Initially, they played The Star Wars and Star Trek CCGs. That started to change in 1998 when Ryan brought a German Edition of Settlers of Catan to play one fateful week.

Ryan and his son, Batman, with a ninja turtle at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2012.
Ryan and his son, Batman, with a ninja turtle at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2013.

Ryan grew up playing boardgames and role playing games with his brothers, and the friends that later joined them. He decided that having a career he enjoyed might be a good idea to support the hobby, so he obtained a B.A. degree in English with a Technical Writing emphasis. Although technical writing is his main task, Ryan enjoys projects that range from illustrations to video producing and editing. In addition to games, Ryan loves to play basketball and write short fiction and maybe even a novel. Ryan lives in Utah with his wife and three children.


Games have always been a part of Brent’s life. He remembers beating his brothers at and with his Rockem Sockem Robots Game back in the early 70s. Christmas brought a new game every year. Currently he works in Computer Networking and tries to play games when he isn’t out camping with the Boy Scouts. He might become a board game designer if he ever got to the prototyping stage.


Nathan grew up playing games with his older brother, Kit.  Kit allowed Nathan, then age 10, to play D&D with his group of friends.  When Nathan’s character was killed within the first moments of the adventure, Nathan cried and was then banned from all future campaigns.  Nathan turned to video games and stopped playing board games all together. It wasn’t until the age of the CCG that he came back to the gaming light.

Starting with the Star Wars CCG by Decipher, Nathan and brother Kit once again found common ground, and once again met in the gaminNathanandgirls (Large)g world arena.  Quickly their love for gaming grew, first through card games, and then into board games, and once again back in role-playing.

Gaming and the board game world became a focal point of the brothers.  Today, Kit and Nathan may not always see eye to eye on many things, and geographical distance keeps them apart, but their love for gaming keeps them close.  Now they both try to share that love for gaming with their girls.

MN 0164 Cube Pushing, GIPF Legacy? and Pack O Games 2

MN 0164 Cube Pushing, GIPF Legacy? and Pack O Games 2

Ryan Decaria regales us with a discussion of his adventures in gaming without the other hosts. He discusses Vanuatu and Tinners Trail. Brent talks the GIPF series of abstract games, which leads to a discussion of the misuse of the word Legacy. We update/correct our discussion of Charterstone, a new Legacy game coming from Stonemaier… Continue Reading

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MN 0161 Kitchen Sink Episode

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This week Nathan and Ryan sit down with Sam Aho from Sam Says Game Reviews to talk about Mechs vs Minions, the surprisingly good board game from Riot Games. They talk about the mechanisms of the game while skirting those details that some might consider spoilers. Enjoy this special podcast with Sam since Brent will… Continue Reading