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MN 0145 Ring in the News Year 2017

Nathan, Ryan and Brent sit down with members of their local game group, Dennis, Everett and Adam, to close out our goals for 2016, discuss our favorite games of the year, and set forth 10×10 lists for 2017. They then┬átake the time to discuss a few news items and a few stats from boardgamegeek.

MN 0140 Hot Games and News from BGGCON 2016

This week we sit down with Matt and Barbara Allen to discuss the industry news which mainly comes out of BGG.Con 2016. We start by talking about Matt’s favorite game of the con, Lorenzo Il Magnifico, then talk Star Wars Destiny, Tiny Epic Quest, and Clank! We visit Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, and Fate of Akalon: Tribes.

Ryan then questions why we would travel to a convention, and we talk a bit more about the why, as if we needed a reason.

We then get back to talking games, starting with The Daedalus Sentence, a cooperative game in a massive box. Ryan brings up Cottage Garden and cats, and we wander from there over to A Feast for Odin. Power Grid the Card Game is explained, and we talk about not playing Great Western Trail. Ryan then moves us to talk about Roll Player, another game we haven’t yet played.

Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 is newly on Kickstarter and getting plenty of press. Some predict it will become the most successful Kickstarter project ever.

Finally, Ryan starts a conversation about culling our collections, the subject of the first few articles in the most recent edition of Counter Magazine, issue 74. You can find the most recent issue (and previous issues) at

MN 0135 October Post-Con News

On the heels of Essen, Nathan, Ryan, and Brent sit down with Matt and Barbara to discuss the latest news in the board game industry. We discuss Terraforming Mars and Cottage Garden, Kickstarters for C.O.G., Cobras, and Steal This Game, and more digital content for Star Realms and Descent: Road to Legend.

Matt and Barbara will be at BGG.Con, at the Mayday and TMG booths respectively, so make sure you stop by and tell them Hi! Brent will be roaming the halls so feel free to stalk him.

MN 0125 Barbigra and GenCon 2016

MN 0125 Barbigra and GenCon 2016

Time to celebrate! Barbara is back from GenCon 2016 just in time for our news episode, brand new games in hand. We discuss our plays of Unusual Suspects, Codenames: Pictures, and Ta-Da!. We also talk about all the spanky new games released or announced at GenCon. Our Highlights include Mansions of Madness 2ed., Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Star Wars: Destiny, and
Cry Havoc. We also discuss Thunderstone having a 3rd edition and the potential frustration of loyal Thunderstone players at having their copies become outdated. Nathan has a long list, and Ryan and Brent engage in a bizarre definition dance.

MN 0120 News- Magic, Buffy, Mystic Vale, Sheriff Bluffing, Counter Magazine

Ryan, Nathan, and Brent sit down to discuss the News and current Kickstarters including:

  • Bluffing in Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Mystic Vale
  • Guildhall: Fantasy
  • AEG does Deckbuilding a little wrong
  • Clout will again be released from Crash Games
  • A new Buffy the Vampire Game
  • Magic’s Next Release, not called Eldritch Horror
  • Counter Magazine, issue 72 with 120 Pages of Articles and Reviews
MN 0105 Industry News April 2016 and Contest

MN 0105 Industry News April 2016 and Contest

Make sure you join the Facebook group Meeple Nation Off Air for a chance to win a copy of Gold West from Tasty Minstrel Games.

0:00 – 0:47 Introduction

0:48 – 3:07 Mombasa, World 192 of 504 and Ryan hates Stocks

3:08 – 4:59 Contest for Gold West from Tasty Minstrel Games – Ends May 1, 2016

5:00 – 5:53 The Grizzled: At Your Orders

5:54 – 7:51 Star Trek Frontiers

7:52 – 10:12 Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition – Road to Legends Companion App

10:13 – 13:30 Charterstone

13:31 – 16:50 Santorini Kickstarter ends April 27, 2016

16:51 – 18:15 Legendary Encounters: Alien Expansion

18:16 – 19:23 Codenames Pictures

19:24 – 20:39 Legend of the Five Rings LCG coming in 2017 from Fantasy Flight Games

20:40 – 22:24 Mistborn: House War

22:25 – 23:16 Galaxy Quest

23:17 – 24:17 Munchking CCG

24:18 – 24:58 Political Kickstarters are bad

24:59 – 26:06 C.O.G. (The Cabinet of Gadgetry)

26:07 – 28:07 Star Trek: Ascendancy

28:08 – 29:21 Star Trek Panic

29:22 – 31:29 Ave Roma on Kickstarter until May 4, 2016

31:30 – 32:31 Daft Concepts Kickstarter for Yakitori ends April 22, 2016

32:32 – 34:58 Xibalba, currently on Kickstarter through May 8, 2016

34:59 – 35:42 Ghostbusters: The Boardgame II on Kickstarter through May 9, 2016

35:43 – 36:48 Dark Moon: Shadow Corporation

36:48 – 37:20 En Route on Kickstarter through May 12, 2016

37:30 – 40:09 Shadows over Innistrad

40:10 – 45:17 Counter Magazine, January 2016

45:18 – 45:59 Contest reminder and Outro