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MN 0177 Squirrel!

This week Nathan, Ryan and Brent discuss what attracts them to games, and what instantly repels them. They start out with introductions and move into talking about deckbuilders, engine builders, and direct attacks.

Don’t forget to pick up Ryan Decaria’s book, Devil in the Microscope for Kindle. Print and audio versions will be released later this year.

MN 0121 Quirky Engine Entertainment and Epic Puzzles and Games

This podcast includes two different interviews, both with game industry professionals.

We start with Craig Nybo of Quirky Engine Entertainment. Craig is an author, musician, and game designer. Quirky Engine Entertainment publishes under a few different games including 3 Headed Giant, Gangrene Games, and GameARama. Games include Eyeball Boxing, Trash War, and Hoagie.

We also speak with Mike from Epic Puzzles and Games, a nice store that supports the board game community in the greater Salt Lake City area.

MN 0116 Lost SaltCON Interviews: Dapper Kris, Daft Chris, Designers Dale Tolley and Matt Saunders, and STGCon Organizers, Alex and Shaea

This episode we catch up with five different interviews from SaltCON 2016.

0:00-1:11 – Introduction

1:12-14:38 Kris McClanahan from Deeply Dapper talks about his geeky products for sale at his Etsy store or at

14:38-24:57 Chris Urinko of Daft Concepts talks about his current projects on sale at Etsy and

24:58-32:42 Dale Tolley, designer of Cheesonomics, from Eagle-Gryphon, talks to us about game design and his future plans

32:43-38:19 Matt Saunders, designer of Mow Money, published by Mayday Games, talks about his game. Follow him on Twitter @Matt_Saunders

38:20-47:28 Shaea and Alex Bernard of the Saint George Board Game Convention talk about their inaugural year and what they plan for their 2016 convention. Find out more at

MN 0114 The Broken Token

MN 0114 The Broken Token

At SaltCON 2016 we sat down with Greg Spence and talked about inserts, how he started the company, and many of his offerings, including his impressive convention schedule. You can find them at their website or at Origins, GenCon, BGG.con, or many of the other conventions they have scheduled. The Broken Token is likely the board game insert maker that has the most titles to choose from with many more coming in the future!

MN 0112 Dan Wells Discusses Narrative Games

MN 0112 Dan Wells Discusses Narrative Games

The fantastic Dan Wells, author and avid gamer, joins the Nation! Dan Wells is a fantasy, YA, post-apocalyptic author known for the Partials series and his new book, Bluescreen a futuristic science-fiction cyber-thriller. He also writes the John Cleaver series. The first one, I am not a Serial Killer, has been made into a movie starring Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser, and Max Records. He is a co-host of the Writing Excuses podcast.

 Dan is also a long-time boardgamer. We discuss his favorite board games, his love of storytelling in games, and what he thinks makes a game great. We reminisce about ancient role playing games, Decipher CCGs, and the new Pathfinder Adventures app. We also talk a little Kickstarter.
Find Dan at and his podcast at
MN 0111 Spiel des Jahres judges at BGG.Spring 2016

MN 0111 Spiel des Jahres judges at BGG.Spring 2016

Brent sits down with three judges for the Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year) at BGG.Spring 2016. The Spiel des Jahres issues awards in three categories and is one of the longest running and most prestigious game awards.

Brent talks with Tom, Chris and Stefan about their roles as game critics, SdJ jurors, game eligibility, and the Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres and Kinderspiel des Jahres nominees.

MN 0106 Tasty Minstrel Games at SaltCON – Interviews with Seth Jaffee, Michael Mindes, and Any Van Zandt

MN 0106 Tasty Minstrel Games at SaltCON – Interviews with Seth Jaffee, Michael Mindes, and Any Van Zandt

We interview the awesome dudes, Seth Jaffee, Michael Mindes, and Andy Van Zandt, from Tasty Minstrel Games ( at SaltCON 2016. We’ve got the insights from a game designer, an owner and a developer.

Seth caught us up on his game designs, his work on the Eminent Domain series, and his future releases. Michael talks about the latest releases of TMG and what we can expect in the near future. Andy talks about what it means to be a game developer, his latest projects, and how he likes living in Utah.  Don’t miss a second of this insider episode.