MN 0260 March 2019 News

The hosts of Meeple Nation deliver your March 2019 News with special guest Ashlee Howard. We discuss a bunch of forthcoming games including:

Star Wars: Outer Rim from Fantasy Flight

Terraforming Mars: Turmoil from Stronghold

Ravnica Inquisition from Wizkids

Time Breaker from Looney Labs

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts from USAopoly

Hako Onna from Ejin and Wizkids

and Kickstarters:

Creature Feature by our friend Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper Games

Throw Throw Burrito from Exploading Kittens

High Rise from Formal Ferret Games


The Silver River from Robert Burke Games

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Nope. Not going to happen. Ever.

On our most recent podcast, Episode 17 King’s Forge, Nathan mentioned an example scenario in Race for the Galaxy where he said that I¬†was going to win the game. Sorry, Nathan, but that will never happen. I have never won that game and I will never play it again. So it’s not going to happen. Ever.

It’s on my list.

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