Back in 2008, I remember telling my friends about a new game I had preordered. The game was Dominion, which consisted of over 500 cards. The core of the game was twenty-five sets of 10 to 12 cards each, and in a game you only used ten of these sets. Huge replayability, I told them. My friends returned blank stares.

I fell in love with the game instantly, and played multiple games in a night. My best gaming friends bought the core set, then Dominion: Intrigue, then we started playing on the website

Over the course of four years I played Dominion over 400 times, including the online games, and greatly enjoyed Seaside, Alchemy, and a dozen games of Prosperity. Then, I stopped playing, not because I tired of the game, but because it was getting harder to play, harder to find opponents, and harder to set up since we felt impelled to include and randomize all the sets. We continued to buy the expansions but it was rarely hitting the table.

In 2011 I played twelve 12 times, twice in 2012, and only once in 2013 (a horrible loss that gave me the nickname, Rat King). Dominion My Dominion spiral ended with no plays in 2014. I decided 2015 had to be better (one of many goals I made in a recent podcast episode MN 0033 Gaming Goals 2015. I set the goal of playing the game 43 times, which was the approximate math that would allow me to play each kingdom card twice.

Then Rio Grande announced another expansion, Dominion: Adventures. Another 30 kingdom cards (no complaints).

At this point I’m 11 games in and having a blast! Hopefully my partners in play continue to enjoy the game as much as I have. I use the excellent randomizer resource at

I plan to blog every few weeks on my Dominion progress. Future topics include:

  •  Dominion Storage
  • Big Money – How many turns does it take to win without buying any kingdom cards?
  • Suboptimal play is fun, but not effective
  • Analysis of the sets – I haven’t explored Dark Ages, Hinterlands, Cornucopia or Guilds yet
  • Analysis of specific games – The good the bad, the muddy
  • Attacks, and which one(s) are counter to the spirit of the gamePlease comment with your Dominion experience! Even you, Ryan.