I love trading card games, and I have played many, many different games over the years. The random boosters can be a turn of for some, and it is never fun to open dud packs or boxes, but that feeling of pulling “that card” from a booster pack feels so good. Today, I’m going back down Memory Lane and reminiscing on those moments of pulling “super” cards.

When the Star Wars CCG was in full swing, I was out of the country, living in Germany with limited cash and almost no time to play games, but roommate had played the game as well, so we decided to split a box of the Dagobah expansion. We decided that for the rares, that my roommate would get the Lightside rares and that I would get the Dark side. We pulled the rares without looking at them and stacked them face down in the light and dark piles. Then we flipped them over one at a time. It was going well. He got Yoda and Luke. I got stuff, but I really wanted the Executor. Finally we were at the last card. I was already feeling the disappointment, because what were the odds. We flipped the cards and the beauty of the sideways art stared back up at me. Woot! Much cheering happened.


One day I was at the card store picking up something like card sleeves so I could build another 3 or 4 decks (some of which I probably still have built today {in the same sleeves}, and I didn’t have enough money to buy a ton of packs. Still, I justified buying two packs of the Worldwake expansion to bump up my purchase amount because I was paying with a credit card and using it for $3.00 seemed silly. Well, in the car on the way home, I cracked the packs (which I shouldn’t have done while driving, but still did). No idea what was in the first pack, but waiting for me in the second was a pristine Jace: the Mind Sculptor, which was the chase rare of the set/block/year. I did a little chair dance, probably swerving my car all over the road. Score!


My best card pulled from a Booster is a Magic: the Gathering Unlimited Mox Ruby. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not know what I was opening, and I have no memory of the moment. I was never a tournament player, and the card largely stayed in my binder, but it was the crown of my collection. Unfortunately again, the card was a victim of a little flood in my basement and was damaged. Luckily, the insurance company paid me for the loss. Fortunately, the card still had some value even in its damaged state, and I was able to sell it off.

mox rubyJust recently, my friend, Thomas, and I were playing Pack Wars with boosters from the M15 Magic: the Gathering expansion. Booster Wars are where you blind shuffle land into one or two booster packs (we use two) and play a game. We split a booster box every set, and play booster wars with about half of the packs. In this game, I pulledĀ a Soul of Innistrad, a card I was excited about and started thrashing Thomas with it, but as with all good things, it was destroyed and sat in my graveyard. I was about to use it’s ability, which can be played while it is in the graveyard, when I drew a FOIL Soul of Innistrad from my deck. I raised my fist in the air and proclaimed triumph. I played my second Soul of Innistrad to the table. Thomas had not answer, and on the next turn the second Soul retrieved the first back to my hand. Thomas was out gunned and quickly lost. We were just playing blind packs and he drew nothing useful before he died. Soul of Innistrad isn’t the best of cards or worth a ton, but I like it and loved smashing face with those dudes.

soul of Innistrad

What about you? What are your best pulls?