So, we finished. The last adventure presented some difficulties that had some players in our six-player game left with no cards at the start of their turn. The few lucky players that had cards left were able to make up the difference though, but it wasn’t the most fun packed into the half hour it took to finish.

At six players, the villains, henchmen, and largely banes do not present much of a real challenge because other players can make up the difference by playing cards to help you.

So that last adventure, had I not started with one particular card and one other player had not had one particular card might have been difficult, but we breezed through it. It was largely anticlimactic beating it so easily and gaining loot we were never going to use.

Still, it was a fun experience. What I think the game needs is some resolution for the characters sort of like the 90’s fighter video games, where when you defeat the game you get a video of what the character does afterward which is unique to each character. I wanted an epilogue for Ezren, but alas, I guess I have to make up my own. Maybe he finally embraces the gods and is allowed a blessing.

No! That’s not good. I’ll think about it. What are your epilogues for your favorite Pathfinder characters?


Maybe the recently announced Organized Play will provide more closure.